What can we do for you?

Consulting, Workshops & Training in the following areas:

Design Strategy

A combination of a design thinking, design management and strategy, and innovation.

It helps your organization to integrate design-led strategies into existing practice in business, government agencies, social enterprise and communities.


Design Thinking

Design thinking is one of the most powerful framing methods to achieve innovation outcomes, and extend competitive advantage, through the design of products or services that successfully meet the needs of the client.

Design Customer-Experience

Creating a customer-experience based on in depth customer insights and design thinking.

We help you to design and create customer experiences that improve the lives of your client as well as build social, environmental and business benefits.

Research Design

Deep analysis and hands-on review of your business with your team. We will  help you to identify opportunities to improve your service and your customer experiences.

Inspiring Trips

Inspiring Trips are training programs in which we travel with participants to an exciting destination and offer them a well-designed hands-on training in a new stimulating environment. It’s a wide open space, a deep forest, a rolling sea and an outdoor training experience. Alongside a crew of committed peers and experienced facilitators from all around the world, our participants gain hands-on experience in Leadership, Development and Design Thinking.

Service Design

Service design is a holistic and systematic design of services from the customer’s point of view. It focuses on human interactions at "touchpoints," those spots at which customers intersect with other people or the environment. We use a human-centered design process to create ideas, design and implement innovative services.

Design Leadership


This track explores the concepts, principles, skills and capabilities required to lead and support design-led innovation in organizations. It explores different styles of leadership and the capabilities required to lead, strategize, and deal with complexity and change within future-oriented, design-led organizations.

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